Welcome to OwlCast

The Leadership & Coaching Podcast.

OwlCast is our podcast on leadership and coaching. You can expect to get insights to help you solve the thorny problems of life and leadership – all with a dollop of laughter thrown in. Your dynamic hosts, David, Alphie, and Emily, will help you become a more kickass leader. Together, they won’t only motivate you, they’ll give you scientifically proven tools to become better – full stop!

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David Morelli

David is the CEO of OwlHub and has hosted OwlCast (formerly Enwaken) for over 7 years. He combines decades of leadership development and coaching insights with improv comedy to create entertaining interviews!

Alphie Thorn

Alphie brings laughter, wisdom, and incredible insights from her experience as an actress, minister, and coach. You’ll be inspired by her stories as well as her heart!

Emily Gendron

Emily is the Director of Leadership Development at OwlHub. She brings clarity from her work coaching individuals, up-leveling teams, and evolving cultures at tech companies. You’ll love her openness and insightfulness!