Your AI Coaching Culture Copilot

Never stress about what to ask again. Ollie gives leaders customized coaching questions for every person and every situation, turning anyone into a great coach quickly.

Grow your coaching skills with no time commitment

Get tangible ways to step out of your comfort zone. 

By getting to know you, Ollie can recommend coaching questions in the RESPECT Coaching Styles™ you’re less proficient in. 

Use them in the conversations you’re already having – without the extra time commitment of training. Open up new worlds when you ask questions you never thought to ask.

Instantly tailor your questions for each direct report

Ollie can generate questions in the RESPECT Coaching Styles™ each person wants most.

As a leader, you’re measured by your team’s results. 

Get better results with customized questions that will elicit the best from each member of your team.

Increase engagement, decrease turnover, and leave a lasting impact on their lives with zero-effort questions powered by AI.

The science behind Ollie

Ollie is built on the RESPECT Coaching Styles™ – an award-winning, research-based framework that breaks down exactly what happens in great coaching.

This groundbreaking framework is derived from academic research using the most rigorous, well-respected qualitative research methodology.

With all 7 styles, you avoid the pitfalls of over-used or under-effective approaches. Adapting each style to the moment and individual is how you unlock true coaching mastery.

Asking masterful coaching questions doesn’t have to take years of practice anymore. Now, with Ollie, you can reap the benefits of RESPECT Coaching Styles™ in minutes!

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“I had a tricky managerial situation that I was looking for some guidance on. I typed the scenario into a very popular AI service and got a generic answer that wasn’t helpful. Then I took the same situation and put it into OwlHub’s AI Coaching Copilot. 

I came away with 9 highly relevant questions that I could actually use to stretch my coaching conversations in helpful ways. I wouldn’t have actually thought of these questions myself – super useful tool!”

-Michael Boord, COO of ServiceCore

Create a coaching culture with AI

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