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Why Coaching Works

Executive coaching is an ongoing purposeful relationship designed to maximize potential and solve the complex problems facing leaders.

Coaching has been shown to be one of the highest forms of leadership development. Improvements in resilience, adaptability, innovation, communication, team performance/productivity, engagement, and culture are just a few of the outcomes you can expect when working with an expert executive coach.

That said, it is best to enter an ongoing coaching relationship with openness, commitment, and a motivation to grow towards your full potential as a leader.

Meet Our Coaches

Dr. David Morelli

David Morelli, PhD is the co-founder and CEO of OwlHub, bringing 25 years of executive coaching and leadership development experience.

David is the creator of the RESPECT Coaching Styles™ Assessments, including the self-assessment, 360 leader assessment, and team assessments.

Formerly, David was a business professor in leadership, communication, strategy, and entrepreneurship – achieving an instructor rating of 4.93/5.00 from executive audiences.

David was also the SVP of Strategy and Talent Development at a financial technology company, helping multiply their growth 100x in 7 years to a $3.5 billion valuation.

Additionally, David is the creator of the #1 podcast, OwlCast, with over 1.2 million subscribers. He holds an Executive MBA and PhD in executive coaching and leadership from the University of Denver.


Dr. Holly Knor

Holly Knor, DVM has a passion for helping create positive change throughout her life and career.  With 10 years experience as a coach and 27 years experience in veterinary medicine she is committed to supporting others in their growth on their path to achieving their desired outcome and goals. 

Holly’s coaching was born of her desire and motivation to create change in her own life.  After experiencing profound transformation, she was inspired to create a ripple effect and teach others.

She has a results oriented, action driven approach to her coaching style which draws on the training that she received under Dr. Morelli, her love of teaching and training as well as study in the areas of personal development and how to reprogram limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

What People Are Saying

Ted Paff

Founder of Customer Lobby

“I’ve worked on Wall Street, then in venture capital and private equity, and I’ve been a successful founder and CEO. David Morelli and what he teaches is on a whole other level; it’s spectacular. Don’t hesitate, do it!”

David Sharp

President at PaySimple

“David Morelli is the most talented executive coach and leadership guide I’ve ever met! If you have a chance to do something with him – jump at it!”

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