Arm your leaders with the #1 leadership skill: Coaching.

We help leaders immediately improve their coaching skills with the only research-based coaching styles assessment on the market.

RESPECT coaching styles acronym

What are Coaching Styles?   
There are 7 Coaching Styles. They’re represented by the acronym RESPECT, because the ultimate way to respect someone is to communicate in the way that they need. Unlike personality assessments that put leaders into boxes, the goal with RESPECT Coaching Styles is not just to know your tendencies, but to achieve proficiency in all the styles. This expands your range and ability to elicit results as a leader. The first step is to find out your top coaching style by taking our short quiz.

Why RESPECT Coaching Styles™?

Born from Dr. David Morelli’s dissertation research into the discovery of executive coaching styles, the RESPECT Coaching Styles™ Assessment provides instant insight into exactly how coaching works and how to immediately improve.

The best leaders are great coaches, and this assessment has become a must-have tool for any level of leader who wants to improve their leadership and coaching abilities.


Lead More Effectively

Coaching is the most important leadership skill, according to a 10-year study at Google. This assessment shows you exactly how to level-up your coaching quickly.

Challenge Projects

Improve Performance

Coaching catapults performance in many ways, including increased engagement and productivity, less turnover, and higher-quality decision-making.


Increase Self-Awareness

Improving your coaching and communication is easy when you know which styles you’re proficient in and which need more attention or development.



Instant Insight

Get visibility into the combination of styles that make up exactly how you communicate, as well as your underdeveloped styles. 


Immediately Actionable

Making adjustments to your styles is easy because RESPECT Coaching Styles™ are behavior-based. You’ll immediately know exactly what to start doing more and less.

Research Based

This is the first and only research-based assessment of coaching styles available. This gives you the peace of mind to know you’re getting rigorous, thorough, and complete insight into effective coaching.

For Individuals

The RESPECT Coaching Styles™ Assessment is a self-assessment for individual leaders who want to gain actionable insight into their coaching interactions using an effective, research-born evaluation tool.

For Leaders

The RESPECT Coaching Styles™ 360 Assessment gives leaders insights about how their coaching style choices impact others as well as gives them feedback about what to do more and less of to optimize team outcomes.

For Teams

The RESPECT Coaching Styles™ Team Assessment provides an aggregate view of the interaction styles within your team, including strengths, weaknesses, and communication dynamics as a group.

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